Man lying on a bed in front of a wall painted blue
Diptych of a photograph of two women and a man in military outfit. Next to their photograph, a picture of oranges with colorful fabric
Triptych. Image on the left is of a woman standing cross-armed in front of the sea. The middle image is of a mirror half-buried in beach sand reflecting the city. The image on the right is of a young man on a motorcycle.
a 4x5 multiple exposure of the Grand Canyon
Two young girls wearing the American flag
Lara Atallah, artist. photography, Lebanon, New York
Triptych. Image on left is of a young man smoking in front of a yellow and red STOP sign. Middle image is of a business card half in the shadow, half in the sun. Image on right: Man sitting on couch smoking a cigarette
Photographs on hardwood floor in front of sheer white curtains.
A plate with a cut orange, a knife and a cup of coffee on a table in the sun
Lara Atallah, artist. photography, Lebanon, New York
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