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VIOLET BLUE INDIGO, ETC., MAPS Folio; Floresta Magazine, Issue 1; BAHR Magazine, Issue 2


Art + Culture

ATM Gallery— Alexis Ralaivao, Catalog Forward; Lubov Gallery— Jobi Bicos, Press Release; Galerie Hussenot— Strained Intimacies, Press Release; Lubov Gallery — Shannon Cartier LucyPress Release


Cléo Journal — Jocelyne Saab and the Anatomy of Trauma, Review



Alia Syed, ReviewUnholding, Review;  Joyce Kozloff, ReviewLissa Rivera, Review; Sebastião Salgado, Review“The intricacies of love”Review;  Arthur Russell, Review; Golnar Adili, Review; Emily Jacir, Interview;  Marilyn Minter, Review;  Ieva Epnere, Review; “Repossession”, Review; Josh Kline, Review; Anne Collier, ReviewPatti Smith, ReviewAnna Ostoya, ReviewTammam Azzam, Interview; “The Real Thing”, Review; Leila Alaoui, Review; Mishka Henner, Review; Jumana Manna, Interview; Tianzhuo Chen, ReviewMona Hatoum, Review; “Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society”, ReviewErnst Fischer, Review


The Brooklyn Rail

Lynn Hershman Leeson, Review; Teresita Fernández, Review; Pipilotti Rist, Review


Huck Magazine 

This Syrian rapper risked everything for freedom. Now he wants the world to listenProfile, Huck Magazine — The​ ​filmmaker​ ​from​ ​Damascus​ ​finding​ ​inspiration​ ​in​ ​BerlinProfile;



Flash Art —Agnès Varda, Review; Camera Austria — “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon,” Review; Camera Austria —"MoMA New Photography 2016," Review

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